Dino Update: Given Up

So, no pictures for this one, but lets just say I have given up trying to destroy these pesky guys.  Hydrogen Peroxide dosing did absolutely nothing except anger my Green Star Polyps.  I tried general tank dosing, upping the dose, and applying directly to the dinos.  They didn’t seem to be affected at all.  So, I have given up.  I am not willing to risk my livestock to kill them.

So what am I going to do?  I have removed the vast majority of my sandbed, and will be manually removing it from now on.  I will be vacuuming the remaining sand, and scrubbing it off the rocks as necessary.  I will not be replacing my snails with new snails, but rather, I will fight it myself, and maybe get a couple hermit crabs, although I am worried they will eat the dinos and perish as well.

Definitely frustrating, but since I take good care of my tank, it is not much more than a nuisance.  I can no longer have sand sifting creatures, or even have a sandbed, so that is frustrating for sure.  But, I do enjoy a clean looking tank, so a very thin layer of sand is okay with me.