Update: H2O2 Dosing

Just a quick update on my dosing.  I started dosing 4 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide three days ago, and I have seen virtually no results.  So I have been upping the dosing to about 10 ml per day, and spot treating.  I am mixing two cap-fulls in a glass of RO/DI water, and then using my turkey baster to blast the brown dino’s directly.  They seem to not be affected at all by the H2O2.

That being said, my Green Star Polyps are definitely not happy.  They are barely extending and the polyps themselves look like they are wilting.


I had also upped my Soda Ash to keep the pH at around 8.4, but that was no good.  All that was happening is I was gunking up my pumps and coating the glass with carbonate which stopped my pumps and made me have to scrub the glass.  The pumps alone had to be soaked in a vinegar bath most of the day, and I already cleaned the glass twice today.  I also vacuumed the sandbed today, and am considering removing my sandbed altogether.  I’ll give another update soon.  Disheartened!