My Euphyllia Garden

While I’m not completely satisfied with the layout of my Euphyllias, I do love them!  Euphyllia corals, while obviously from the same family, they are actually more closely related than that.  Euphyllia is actually a genus, with several different species.  The most well-known corals in this family are commonly known as the Torch Coral, the Hammer Coral, and the Frogspawn Coral.  Check out my video below on my Euphyllia garden. 

Corals are related to anemones and jellyfish, and they all have stinging cells called nematocysts.  Basically, corals have the ability to “harpoon” neighboring livestock to protect their territory, but also to feed.  It can be challenging to put different species of corals together, because they will often sting each other as they try to fight for their territory.

Sweeper Tentacles

Sweeper tentacle

The wonderful thing about Euphyllia corals, is that they typically get along.  That is not always the case, but usually, you can place all Euphyllia corals together, and they will not sting each other.  And for those of us that love Large Stony Polyp corals, there is really nothing more beautiful.

My Frogspawn coral is really the centerpiece.  It is huge, and I recently moved it toward the front of the tank so I could have a better view of it.  The smaller hammer coral on the right side is awesome, but I really want it to grow to blend in with the Frogspawn more.  And my new Torch Coral is quite small, and when the Frogspawn is opened all the way, it overshadows about half of it.  But, they have not been stinging each other which is awesome!

Frogspawn (purple tipped)

Frogspawn Coral

Hammer Coral

Hammer Coral

Torch Coral