February Tank Update

Not a whole lot to talk about.  I already posted this video on YouTube, but I did a lot of work today.  This is a picture of the new layout.


I basically moved the frogspawn forward and tilted it down, so that the view from the front would be better.  The added torch coral is now a little bit hidden, but overall it is nice.  I’m still not completely satisfied, but it is okay.  It is time for some more corals.  I’m going really slowly so that everything has time to acclimate, and I’m glad.  But the majority of the tank is still empty and I’m getting a bit tired of looking at all the empty space!

My maintenance is going to be the same for the upcoming future.  Weekly vacuuming the sand.  But when I vacuum the sand now, I just tie a mesh bag to the end of the vacuum, and place it in the sump.  That way, I can just take the water from the display to the sump, and make it a continuous circle.

I’m not going to start hydrogen peroxide dosing until I absolutely have to.  I have dinoflagellates, but I’m hoping to keep them under control with manually removing them, keeping nutrient levels low, and not doing waterchanges.  I do have some other slow growing algae in the tank, but I’m not super concerned about it.

Okay, got to run!