Reefer 170 February Update

The blue lights are on!  It is evening on my tank, and that means all actinics.  It is a bit too blue for my tastes, but it is alright.

I am on the verge of introducing the last of the Euphyllia’s- a torch coral.  I’m a little concerned about exactly where I should put it though.  I have heard that although Euphyllias won’t necessarily sting each other, sometimes torch corals are the exception.  And I’m just not sure of the placement.  Right now you can see I have an absolutely stunning Frogspawn right smack in the middle of my tank, and an amazing hammer coral just below it.  I want to put a torch coral next to the hammer coral, but I’m a bit concerned that it is going to sting the frogspawn.  But I don’t want to move the other corals arounds because they are thriving and there really is no reason.  I think what I will likely do  is find the right torch coral, and just try it and see what happens.  If it does sting my other Euphyllias, I will immediately move it.

Algae is still causing me a bit of a problem.  I’m 50/50 as to whether or not it is dinoflagellates.  Today and vacuumed the surface of the sand to pick up a lot of the algae, but it has started growing all over the rocks.  I did not do a water change, but rather I filtered the water through a mesh bag, and then poured the clean water back into the tank.  It seems to be working alright for now, and I’m hoping to starve out whatever it is that is growing.

Lucille and Benny (my clowns) are both happy.  They are still completely ignoring the anemone and the corals.  I’m still hoping that someday that will change, but I am not holding my breath.

My Pistol Shrimp has made a new home for himself underneath the central rock.  I’m pretty happy about that choice because I can see him more.  I have been feeding him pellets every other day, and giving him a small piece of shrimp once a week or so.  I have also been feeding the anemone a very small piece of shrimp about every other week.